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These artists are all exploring animated gifs in beautiful, funny, and mindblowing ways. And as designers ourselves, we understand the constant struggle between creating work that you are passionate about and paying the bills. So we want to celebrate and support this emerging medium by offering prints of this amazing work and send the profits to the artists.


Artists on Gifpop receive 80% of the profits we make on every art print sold. This is an unheard-of arrangement for most art sales, but we think it's only fair. We are deeply uninterested in the standard 50/50 gallery model, and it has been incredibly rewarding for us to work with each artist here on bringing their work to life through lenticular printing.


All our prints are made right here in New York. The large artist prints are 10"x10" and the small prints will be 5"x5" on sturdy 2-3mm thick lenticular sheets. We've worked with all the artists to pick gifs that will look great, and the artists themselves have worked hard to rerender, add detail, recolor, and adjust their work to make these prints truly unique.