About Gifpop


Hi! We're Rachel Binx and Sha Hwang, two designer/programmers who have recently moved out of San Francisco to New York. We love making tools on the internet that turn digital stuff into awesome and fun products (we also made the custom jewelry company Meshu). With the help of an overwhelming response to our Kickstarter and over a thousand amazing backers, we've been able to turn Gifpop from a crazy idea into a real product. 

For partnership and bulk inquiries, please contact us at omg@gifpop.io.

And artists, we want to talk! Drop us a line at artists@gifpop.io.

Questions, comments, gifs of love? Say hi at hi@gifpop.io!

More about us: 

Rachel (@rachelbinx) studied math and art history before discovering the world of data visualization. Before jumping into Meshu and Gifpop, Rachel worked at Stamen as a design technologist. There she worked on creating realtime data visualizations for clients such as MTV, Facebook, and Oprah. When not sitting in front of her computer, she likes to be out traveling the world or exploring Tumblr.

Sha (@shashashasha) studied and worked in architecture before falling into data visualization and designing for the web. Sha also worked at Stamen, where he worked on projects for CNN, MTV, Adobe, and Flickr. After Stamen Sha cofounded a startup called Movity, which focused on data visualization and cities. Movity was acquired by Trulia, where Sha worked for the past two years building maps and visualizations. Now independent, Sha continues to explore the intersection of interaction, information, and fabrication.

We'd also like to give a huge thanks to the dapper and talented as hell Chris Delbuck for helping us redesign the site, without his work we wouldn't have the gif magic throughout the site!

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