We're currently printing up to ten frames on a single card. Gifs that are very blurry or have lots of sudden camera movements will be less clear than ones with smooth, clear motion.


We love working with artists. If you want to show off your work, send it to us on our tumblr! If you have a project idea or want to work with us on a special project, say hi at!

  • Patakk

    Paolo Čerić's work has been mesmerizing us for a long time now. He hails from Zagreb, Croatia, where he's been crafting hypnotic forms, exploring the gif as a way to create pulsing and soothing worlds, some vibrant and full of color, others quiet and monochrome. For Gifpop, Paolo created all new versions of some of his most gorgeous gifs, full of new details and colors that won’t be seen on Tumblr.
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