How it Works

sizes and pricing

We offer five different sizes of Gifpops, starting at only $12 for your own custom card! If you're resizing your own work for Gifpop, we suggest the above resolutions for optimal printing quality.

lenticular magic

We are able to print up to ten frames of animation, thanks to the magic of lenticular printing! Each lenticular sheet is faceted which allows you to see different slices of an image at different angles. The sheet and the print are aligned so that each tiny slice of a frame matches with a lens in the sheet, and when you move the sheet, the animation plays!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do bulk printing?

Yes! You can view our bulk pricing here. Contact us for questions or special projects at

Are you looking for artists?

We’re always interested in featuring new artists! Submit examples of your work for us to share on our tumblr.

How long will my order take?

It will take only 3-4 business days to ship your order. Did we mention Gifpop is made in NY?

Do you do international shipping?

Yes! We ship worldwide for $11.80 flat.